Household Items You Can Sell as Scrap Metal

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If you need extra cash, why not sell some of the unwanted scrap metal around your home? There are many surprising sources that you may not even consider, which means that simple decluttering can lead to some additional money in your pocket. The following are a few places where you may find valuable scrap in your house.

The Kitchen

The most obvious source of scrap metal in the kitchen is in the appliances. If you have an old fridge or stove hanging around that no longer works, take it to a scrap metal buyer. The metal housing sometimes has some scrap value, as does any copper wires or tubing in the units.

Another source of kitchen scrap is old, uncoated iron and copper pots and pans. It doesn't matter if they are dented or rusted if you are selling for scrap.

Flatware can also be sold for scrap if it's made of steel. Silver pieces are another option that can be quite lucrative.

Living Areas

There are also many sources of scrap metal in the living areas of your home. Broken televisions and stereo systems can contain copper or other metals that are worth money.

Old decorative pieces, such as light fixtures and doorknobs, are sometimes made of brass or copper – which means these have monetary value as scrap even if they are dated in appearance. Old steel entry doors can also be sold as scrap, so don't simply toss an old door if you replace it.


The most likely source of scrap from bathrooms is old copper plumbing pipes. If you have pipes replaced, make sure to keep the old copper so you can sell it for some cash. Old faucets and taps may also have some scrap value if they are made of brass, copper, or steel.


Old gutters are the most obvious source of scrap – most are made from aluminum which can be sold to any scrap dealer that deals in aluminum cans. Pieces of aluminum siding or fencing can also be scrapped.

Patio furniture, if it's made of aluminum or iron, is another source of scrap. Steel swingset frames are also something that can be sold as scrap metal. Generally, if a tool or outdoor item is made of iron, aluminum, or steel, then it can be sold to a scrap metal dealer.

Contact a local scrap yard in your area to find out the current prices for the specific type of scrap metal you want to sell.