Choosing Mailing Tubes Or Other Containers For Your Paper Products? What To Focus On

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When shipping documents, posters, artwork and other paper items to customers, you need to be sure that your products will reach them without being destroyed. However, there are all types of mailing tubes and containers out there--how do you know what to choose? Use these mailing container selection tips to choose something appropriate.

Focus on Size

When you're shipping paper products, you might expect that your shipping costs will be manageable, as paper is not usually very heavy when compared to other items. However, when you use mailing tubes or other containers, shipping prices might rise because of the weight of the container. For that reason, take the time to focus on the size of the tubes or mailers that you'll need. If you choose shipping products that are too big for your items, you may have to include packing peanuts and other materials that will do nothing but raise your shipping costs. Work to ensure that the materials you use are well-fitted to your products so you can save on unnecessary shipping costs.

Remember Rain

If your mailing tube or container is caught in the rain, what will happen to it and the paper products inside? That's something you need to think seriously about. If a customer is at work all day and comes home to find a soggy cardboard container on their doorstep, they may be unhappy. You might opt for plastic containers to keep the products intact and in good shape.

Consider Privacy

If you are sending sensitive materials to your customer, or just something that they may not want others to see, you may select an opaque plastic container. You might also consider custom labels so that you can omit your company name on the shipping labels while still ensuring that a return addresses in printed in the event of a return.

Consider Custom-Made Materials

You might wish to have your mailing tubes or containers custom-made so that you can include your logo, color, and other things that can help your mailing containers stand out from other mail they may receive. Anyone who comes into contact with the piece will take note of something that looks a little different, so you might even gain more customers by having the foresight to have mailing containers custom-made for your own purposes.

Considering the tips laid out in this article should help you choose the right mailing tube or container for your paper products. Ask others in your industry for suggestions about what they use so that you can be sure your products are safely delivered to your customers.

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