Decorating Rented Porta Potties For Your Outdoor Event

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When you are having an outdoor party or event, there is no better way to make sure that all needs of your guests are met than by utilizing the services of a porta potty rental company. Porta potties make it possible for you to hold an event just about anywhere. There are some people who disregard these outdoor restroom solutions because they feel that their appearance will not coincide with the scale of the event taking place. However, with a little planning and creative thought, you can decorate porta potties to fit right in—no matter how upscale your event may be.

Making the Space Feel More Inviting

Are you looking for a way to make the porta potties, such as from A & A Porta Pottys, feel more like home? It is all about those little features that invite guests inside, such as decor. Try using double-stick tape to hang a picture or two on the inside, or outside, walls of the porta potty. You could also hang a small wreath or lightweight flower arrangement on the door. Make sure that the decor is themed around the event that is taking place. For example, if you are holding an outdoor wedding reception, create a small bouquet of flowers to match the theme of the rest of the decor or hang snapshots of the newlywed couple.

Do Not Forget the Necessities

One of the only downfalls to porta potties in comparison to public restroom facilities is they are often just a small plain space with little room for amenities. However, you can make the small space much more functional for your guests by filling a basket or small container with extra necessities that they may need while inside. Some of the things to add to the necessity basket include:

Enhance the Ambiance of the Small Space

If you really want to make a major difference in the overall appeal of a porta potty for your party or event, enhancing the ambiance of the space is key. This can be accomplished by using battery operated light fixtures, such as lanterns or imitation candles. Many porta potties do not have lights inside. Therefore, if your planned event takes place in the late afternoon or evening, the lights inside will not just be appealing, but useful as well.

When you take some time to get creative with the porta potties that you make a part of your outdoor event, you will see that these can easily fit in as an integrated part of the party. Meeting the needs of your guests is easy with porta potty rental and knowing how to decorate them can make them an even more satisfactory option.