Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems

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Many problems can arise from a garage door, and it will take some time and effort to correct them. Some of the issues can be simple and others complex, from no power to a bad component. You can start with the easy solutions and work from there. Most brands function with the same principles, so these suggestions may be all you will need to be successful. The first step is to check the door by pulling the emergency release cord. If it will not open or close, a spring or rollers may be off the track. Be sure to check the door with it down, or it could fall on you.

Check the chain on the door opener to see if it is broken if the door doesn't open. You may be able to make a few adjustments to make it work.

Assuming your power service is on, will the light on the main button come on or at least blink? If something is blocking the sensors or blocking the pathway to the door, the light will not come on. You may also have a bad component in the opening unit.

The main button of the door opener installed on the wall may open the door, but not the remote unit. If the remote keypad doesn't open the door, check the battery.

The torsion spring may be broken if the door is sluggish or stops working. If you try to fix it, use caution because it may cause injury since it is operates with a lot of tension. Don't try to repair the spring unless you fully understand the process. It may be best to call a repair service.

If the spring is okay, check both sides of the door to see if the tracks are properly aligned or bent.

The capacitor may also disable the motor if it sounds like the unit is trying to open the door.

If you want to check the door opener, be sure it is unplugged. Use a screwdriver to open the housing unit. Check the components because the gears may be stripped. It is uncommon, but the motor may also be burned out.

Check both sides of the control and power board. If any parts appear burned or are black, the capacitor has probably failed.

These suggestions should answer many of the problems with the garage door opener when it is not opening, or is jerking when opening or closing. Be cautious working with electrical components or you may get shocked. If you are not educated with the procedures, it may be better to hire a specialist to do the job.

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