Storage Tips for Craft Materials

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If you will be storing the contents of your craft shop inside of a storage unit until you are able to move your business to a larger location, the following tips will help keep the materials protected and free from damage during the time that they are stored inside of the rental space. 

Use Storage Bags for Fabric, Canvas, and Other Stacked Items 

Sort folded pieces of fabric, canvas, and any other large craft materials and place them in stacks. Slide each stack inside of a clear storage bag that seals. Press down on the top of each bag before sealing it in order to eliminate air. Affix a large adhesive label to one side of each bag that lists the contents that are stored inside. Once all of the materials are bagged, line the bags up inside of large tote containers that have secure lids. 

Store Small Items on Shelves and in Drawers

Purchase a large storage container that has built-in shelves and drawers included. Place small items that can be stacked or lined up next to each other, such as pads of paper, sketchbooks, or watercolor palettes, on each shelf. Put loose items inside of each drawer that need to be contained in order to not lose any of the pieces, such as paintbrushes, skeins of embroidery floss, and safety pins. Create a label for each part of the storage container in order to keep track of the contents and locate items that are needed in an easy manner. 

Suspend Large Items from Racks That Have Casters on Them

If you own large materials that will not fit inside of plastic storage bags, such as finished pieces of artwork, blank pieces of canvas, or any other large art materials, suspend the supplies from racks that have casters secured to the bottom of them. Hangers that have clips attached to them will help you secure each item before attaching it to one of the racks.

Once the racks are filled with materials, place a vinyl tarp over each one and tie a long piece of rope around it. When you would like to move the materials to another part of the storage unit or when you are ready to move everything to the new craft shop, the casters that are attached to each rack will make it possible for you to move all of the items without needing to do any heavy lifting.

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