3 Things Your Business Communicates By Having Armed Security Guards

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Having armed security guards can serve many purposes for your business. These guards can help give you peace of mind and they can bring a lot to your customers beyond the obvious. They show your supporters how seriously you take your responsibilities as a business owner. When you hire armed security guards, you are also making the following statements.

You Are Vigilant About Your Customers' Safety

Having armed security guards sends the message to your customers that you aren't playing around when it comes to their safety and well-being. It shows that you are willing to have figures of authority around who are ready to act if anyone poses a threat. In an age when public shootings are all too common, the steadfast presence of the "good guys" can help your customers feel safe and secure. It can also send a message to people that physical fights and other bullying behaviors are not tolerated on your property.

You Will Deliver Consequences for Bad Behavior

Having armed security guards on the grounds of your business can make criminals nervous. On the other hand, it can provide peace of mind to people who are simply at your place of business to shop. The security guards let people know that there will be consequences for things like attempted theft or violent fights. Because some companies simply turn the other way to avoid conflict, taking a stand against bad things can help assure your customer that your business provides a safe haven for them to enjoy shopping.

You Are Being Proactive About Deterring All Types of Crime

Armed security guards can go a long way to deterring crimes of many types. With the presence of armed security guards, people who may be tempted to do petty crimes may go elsewhere. When weighing whether it is worth it to try to grab someone's purse, a criminal is likely to hesitate when there is an armed security guard overseeing a parking lot. While the crime may still occur, it is less likely to happen on your property and to your customers while they are shopping in your store.

Finally, keep in mind that there are no guarantees with hiring armed security guards. However, by doing so, you convey an important message to customers and would-be criminals. You are taking a stand to protect your customers, and that can improve how people perceive your company. That is a win-win for all involved except the criminals!