Reducing The Stress Of A Long Distance Move With Your Family

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Making a long distance move with your family is always stressful and the work of packing, loading, and unloading can be backbreaking. Not to mention the time involved in driving a truck filled with your household furnishings and personal belongs over a long distance. There is an alternative that can make the move easier and minimize the work for you. Consider hiring a long distance moving company, but be sure you understand what you will or won't get for your money.

Understanding What Your Needs Are

Before you choose a mover to come and load all your belongings on a truck and drive them away, you need to consider what the company will offer for the money they are charging. Do they offer timely delivery? Do they load and unload only or is there packing service available? Is their insurance enough to cover all your belongs if there is an accident? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask.

About Delivery Schedules

You will want to consider the time frame for your move and talk with the moving company about it early. It is standard practice in the moving industry to wait till they have a full load going from one area to or near the destination before they head across the state or country. If you need your belongs to be at your home on a specific timetable, ask what options you have in that regard, and if the company can not make that work, check with a few others.

Packing Services

Many long distance moving companies will offer you the option to have your home packed for you. They provide specialized boxes for dishes, clothing, and breakables and will often bring an entire crew to your home to pack it very quickly and efficiently. While these services are not free, the added cost may be worth it to you if you are not able to be at the home prior to the move or if you are just trying to reduce the stress of the situation. Talk to the moving company about what the options are and how these added services work.

Unloading at Your New Home

Keep in mind that while they will unload the truck for you at the destination, most movers do not unpack for you. Having someone in the home when they arrive is the best option as they can direct the movers to the rooms where you want the boxes placed. If you have all the boxes in the rooms where they belong, the job of unpacking will be easier and likely faster.

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