What To Do When A Relative Dies And You Can't Pay For A Funeral

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It is a very painful time when you lose a relative. Unfortunately, you do not have time to grieve because you must plan a funeral. This time comes more stressful when you do not have the money to afford the service. The cost of a traditional funeral is between $7,000 and $10,000. Read on to find out more affordable ways to bury your loved one.

Consider Cremation

Cremation in a facility is a more affordable option than a traditional funeral. If you are going to schedule any viewings, rites of passage, or ceremonies, then it should be done before the cremation. It is also important to make the cremation provider aware if the deceased has a prosthesis, pacemaker, implant or some other mechanical device. If these devices are not removed before the procedure, then they could damage the crematory. The person who authorizes the procedure will be responsible for damages.

You have the option to have the body in a casket or a combustible container. This container is usually cheaper than a casket. You also must provide the crematory with an urn for the remains. If you do not provide an urn, then the crematory will place the remains in a container. The average cost of a cremation is $1,100.

Consider A Green Burial

A green burial is a natural way to bury someone. It is environmentally friendly, which has very little impact on the earth. This burial process takes into consideration the conservation of natural resources, the protection of health care workers and the preservation of the environment.

The body is buried in a green casket, in a green cemetery, and with a green headstone. This type of burial does not use embalming fluid, which means the chemical is not going down into the ground. It also allows the body to absorb into the ground. The average cost for a green funeral is $2,000.

Consider A Home Funeral

A home funeral allows a family to take care of any after death care at home. This practice is still legal in most states. The Green Burial Council can accommodate you with carrying out this service. However, you must have a certain number of acres and must file for a plat map with your local planning department.

As a family, you want to remember your loved one's legacy. You should not feel bad about not having a traditional funeral. There are a variety of ways you can celebrate your loved one's memory.