Preventing Knee Pain With The Right Office Chair

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If you work in an office job, you know how much time can be spent sitting behind a desk on a typical work day. While many people might think that sitting is a leisurely task, it can actually be very hard on your body. If you have joint pain, sitting for extended periods of time can exacerbate the problem. Fortunately, the right office furniture can alleviate your pain and make it possible for you to focus on completing your assigned work tasks.

Here are three features to look for when shopping for an office chair to help you reduce your knee pain.

1. Adjustable Seat Height

The height at which you keep the seat of your office chair can have a dramatic impact on the overall pain level in your knees at the end of a long work day. Be sure that you are investing in an office chair will a fully adjustable seat in order to help alleviate knee pain.

It can be helpful to sit in the chair at the furniture store prior to purchase so that you can feel how easily the seat's height can be adjusted. Being able to create a custom height with ease will prevent undue stress on your knee joint while sitting.

2. Adjustable Back Depth

Another feature that you will want to look for as you shop for a new office chair that will help you get rid of knee pain is a back that is fully adjustable. While many office chairs have a lumbar pad that can be adjusted to provide lower back support, for those with knee pain it's the depth of the seat that needs special attention.

When the edge of your chair's seat hits the back of your leg close to the knee as you sit, your knees can receive greater support while your legs are in a dangling position. Having a chair whose seat depth can be adjusted to accommodate the unique length of your femur will therefore help to alleviate any knee pain you have.

3. Built-In Footstool

One of the major contributors to knee pain in an office environment is keeping your legs bent while sitting. Having a footstool that you can rest your feet on at various times throughout the day can be very beneficial in allowing you to ease knee pain.

Finding an office chair with a built-in footstool that can be extended or retracted throughout the day will give you the opportunity to customize your work experience to meet the unique needs of your aching knees.

Finding the right office chair doesn't have to be impossible. If you have knee pain, look for a chair with an adjustable seat height and depth, and be sure your chair has a built-in footstool for added comfort.