Helping Survivors By Providing Bulk Potable Water Emergency Services: Options

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In 2016, there were untold numbers of natural disasters and unnatural disasters. All of them left people dead, injured, homeless and wanting. Charities like the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army (among others) are still asking for donations to help these people in their great hour of need. Above all else, water is the greatest necessity. If you want to help with bulk potable water emergency services, here are a few options to which you can contribute.

Buy as Many Cases of Water as You Can

If you have a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, consider buying up cases of bottled water or five-gallon jugs. If you cannot find these products where you live, look for "fill your own water jug" stations at your grocery stores and fill dozens of gallon jugs with fresh, clean water. Then put all of this water on a truck that is heading for the disaster relief zones. If you want to make sure all of your water donations get there, hire a trucking company to take the water for you and provide you with tracking numbers. 

Donate Money to Water Drives

When local charities are doing water drives (i.e., drives specifically to collect as much potable water as possible) you can either buy and donate water or you can give these group drives checks for the specific purpose of buying water and sending it where the water is most needed. You can specifically request that the money be spent only on water too, which many charities are willing to do in order to fill this most important need.

Write or Call Water and Soft Drink Bottling Companies for Donations

Water and soft drink bottling companies love good publicity and giving back. Getting the PR people on the phones or responding to your emails and letters with regards to donating water is not difficult at all. Once they have thrown in their hand to the effort, you can expect at least one semi truck if not two or more, filled with water, to go where you have requested the water to go. If you do not get a response at first, keep at it. Eventually the representatives of these companies will get back to you and let you know just how much water they are willing to donate to the cause. Make sure these companies are also willing to send the water as soon as possible, since victims will need lots of water to survive. To learn more, speak with someone like Jim's Water Truck Service.