Selling Gold Jewelry For Quick Cash: 3 Tips To Get Higher Offers

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One of the easiest ways of getting quick cash is to look around your house to see whether there are any old gold jewelry pieces that you don't want anymore. There are plenty of buyers that are either interested in the jewelry itself or are interested in melting the gold. In general, you can expect your gold jewelry to fetch anywhere from 70% to 80% of its melt value. When selling gold jewelry, shop around to find the best deals. The following 3 tips will help you fetch higher offers. 

Clean the Jewelry Beforehand

It's hard to admire gold jewelry pieces when you can't even imagine how they'd look at their former glory. Even if you are selling the gold jewelry pieces for their melt value only, you will still benefit from cleaning the gold beforehand. The easiest way to clean the gold jewelry pieces is to submerge them in warm water mixed with a mild detergent for approximately 15 minutes before removing them and scrubbing the nooks and crannies with a soft-bristled toothbrush. If you don't feel comfortable cleaning the gold jewelry pieces yourself, there are plenty of jewelers that can help.  

Get the Jewelry Appraised

Unless you're selling to professionals who have the equipment and knowledge on how to appraise the gold themselves, you will also greatly benefit from getting the gold jewelry pieces appraised by a professional. This is basically a guarantee for independent buyers that the gold jewelry pieces you are selling are legitimate and contain the karat of gold as specified. Get the pieces appraised by a licensed and experienced professional that others will trust. Some buyers may request to have the jewelry pieces appraised by an appraiser of their choice. In these situations, the buyer will front the cost for the appraisal. 

Wait for the Right Time

One of the main benefits of selling gold jewelry is that you can often get more than the melt value if the jewelry possesses a unique design that catches the eye of a collector or a buyer. If the gold jewelry pieces you're trying to sell fit a certain fashion style, you might want to wait it out. When the jewelry becomes trendy again, you'll be able to fetch higher offers, as there will be a higher demand for the jewelry. 


Liquidating gold jewelry pieces should be a piece of cake. You can either bring the jewelry pieces you own to a professional or you can attempt to sell them individually online. Either way, it shouldn't be difficult to get the gold out of your hands and the cash you need into your pockets. For more information on selling gold, contact a buyer like Tri-City Pawn Inc.