A Look At The Four Typical Types Of Computer Training

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Computer training covers a broad area of educational courses, and the subject matter covered in these courses can greatly vary depending on the objective. Here is a look at four of the typical types of computer training courses that employees may need in the modern working world.

Basic Computer Training 

Basic computer training is going to expose a learner to the most basic computer-related ideas. Students who take this kind of training are usually those who have no prior experience with using computers on any level. During this kind of training, students will learn about: 

Advanced Computer Training 

Advanced computer training delves a bit deeper into computer usage and processes. Students who need this form of training have likely already used a computer for basic, everyday purposes like surfing the internet or typing a document. The advanced training is aimed at teaching students a bit more about things like open-source operating systems, the framework of some of the most typical computer programs, and some of the basic coding actions that can be used on a computer. Students may also look at things like how to install and run a new software program. 

Program-Specific Computer Training 

Program-specific computer training is geared toward teaching students about specific programs on different operating systems. For example, you may find a computer training course on how to effectively use Microsoft Office and all of its components like PowerPoint, Excel, and Teams. For a program-specific training course, the goal will be to get students to a point where they know how to effectively navigate and use the program. It is not uncommon for business owners who must have employees that understand these specific programs to require all applicants to have either undergone one of these training programs or to agree to take a course after they are hired. 

Business-Based Computer Training 

Business-based computer training programs are designed specifically around the types of computer operations associated with everyday processes in the business. In the modern world, it is not uncommon for some businesses to have their own unique operating platforms or software programs that are used to perform work, whether it is packaging items for orders in a warehouse or entering patient data at a doctor's office. 

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