Here's Why You Should Choose A Picture Framing Service Over Pre-Made Frames

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Forget about buying pictured frames from the store. Here are a few good reasons to find a photo framing service to work with instead:

Customize the Look

You're likely to find several different styles of picture frames available at your local markets. But it can be tough to find customized options that feature things such as soft corners, sunken borders, and floral embellishments. When working with a picture framing service, you can customize every frame you create to complement your personality, style, and personal design preferences overall.

You can choose the thickness, size, and cut of each frame you have made. Decide whether to design a square, rectangle, circle, or triangle shaped frame. And determine what colors you want to incorporate into the frame designs if any. You'll avoid having to spend time and money spiffing your custom frames up like you might when working with store-bought frames once you get them home.

Choose Different Materials

Most picture framing services stock a range of different materials to work with, so you aren't stuck with wood – or even just one kind of wood. Metal, PVC, plastic, and even glass may be offered by the service provider you decide to work with. Depending on the type of artwork, photo, or painting you want to frame, your service provider can use multiple types of materials to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is just as much art as it is a frame.

Ask your service provider for a complete list of materials that are stocked in-house as well as a list of materials they can special order for you. This will help ensure that you don't overlook any important options when during the design phase.

Inscribe for Future Reference

Working with a picture framing service will give you an opportunity to have your frames inscribed for future reference. Buying frames from the store means having to figure out how to inscribe them yourself. Inscribing your frames will ensure that old family photos can be identified even when future generations are looking at them.

You can also inscribe frames for posters and other types of art so they can be identified by guests in your home who see them on the walls. Your service provider may even be able to etch messages, names, and designs onto your picture frames too.

Talk to your service provider today to learn more about the picture framing options that are available to you and to start designing your first custom frame.