Three Ways To Get More Propane

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Propane is a common household fuel that is used to power gas grills, cooking appliances, water heaters, clothes dryers, generators, and many other appliances. In places where natural gas pipelines haven't been established, business owners and homeowners typically use propane as a substitute. If you rely on propane to power anything on your property, you must have a propane tank. Tank sizes range from small 20-pound grill tanks to large 500-gallon to 1,000-gallon tanks. Getting propane isn't like getting gas for your car. To refill your propane supply, you can use any of the following options.

Propane Tank Exchange

Many stores partner with local propane supply companies to offer propane tank exchanges. Typically, stores that offer this service have large lockboxes full of 20-pound propane tanks outside. In order to get more propane, simply ask a store employee for a tank exchange. They will likely ask you to pay upfront before making the exchange. Then, they will open the lockbox for you, and you can exchange your current empty propane tank for a full propane tank.

Getting more propane by exchanging your tank isn't as cost-effective as other methods, but it can be highly useful. Propane tank collars are stamped with a recertification date, and if your tank is approaching its 12th birthday, it will need to be recertified before anyone will refill it. Instead of dealing with that hassle, you can simply exchange your tank for a newer one and pay a little bit more for the upgrade. Just make sure to check the recertification date of the new tank before you accept it.

Propane Tank Refill

Not all propane tanks are portable, but any tank with a capacity of 100 pounds or less can be driven to a refill site. Most of the time, you don't want to travel with propane tanks in your car because they may be dangerous or explosive if their failsafe measures malfunction. Strapping them onto a trailer or exterior cargo carrier is best. Once they are secured, you can drive them to any location that offers propane tank refill services. A technician or store employee will fill your propane tank by weight to about 80 percent of its total capacity for safety's sake. Typically, this is the least expensive way to refill a propane tank, so many homes and businesses with moderate propane needs rely on multiple 100-pound tanks rather than a single larger tank. 

Propane Delivery

If your propane tank isn't transportable, you likely need to work with a propane delivery service. Many propane supply companies will deliver large amounts of propane by truck to homes and businesses. Some of these services offer on-call deliveries, and others offer scheduled monthly deliveries. Either way, you will pay a delivery fee on top of the cost per gallon of propane. Still, no other propane refill method is more convenient than delivery. You won't have to lift a finger, and if you have scheduled deliveries, you will always have enough propane to meet your needs. 

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