3 Suggestions for Registered Nurse Jobs When You're Ready for a Change

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If you're an RN and you're ready for something new, you should explore all the job options for nurses. As a registered nurse, you have a wide variety of working conditions available so you can challenge your skills and learn new things. Here are some ideas you may want to consider.

Become a Traveling Nurse

If you have hospital experience, your duties will be similar as a traveling nurse, but you'll have the benefit of living in new places. If you've always wanted to travel, becoming a traveling nurse could be a good option since you can continue to work and fund your adventures. You may work for a few months in one place and then transfer to another. Your housing might be provided, or you can choose temporary furnished housing so you don't have to move a lot of belongings around every time.

You'll meet new people and experience life in different states. You can spend your days off going to local attractions or just spending time outdoors in a new type of scenery. You might have the option of traveling to various states or even overseas.

Become a Pool Nurse

When you're looking for registered nurse jobs, you'll likely find openings for pool nurses. If you need to step back from your current job because you need more flexibility for your growing family or other concerns, pool nursing might be a good match. Pool nurses often make more per hour, but they may not get any benefits, so you may want to make sure you'll get coverage on your spouse's insurance plan before you switch.

As a pool nurse, your hours may vary, so you can take time off when you need it. You might have to commit to a minimum number of hours each week, but you may just work as the workload demands. During slow times, you can spend more time with your kids, and when the hospital is busy, you may need to work more frequently.

Switch to a Different Environment

If you're tired of the fast pace of hospital work, you may want to try something entirely different. Follow job boards for registered nursing jobs or go through an agency to find jobs outside of the hospital setting. You might find a job with the local school system or in a doctor's office. You might even want to switch to working in a nursing home so you can get more involved with your patients and treat them for the long term.