5 Benefits Of Exterior Waterproof Architectural Coatings

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Architectural coatings come in many varieties with multiple intended purposes, but one type that should be considered by many homeowners is the waterproof architectural coating. This paint-on coating comes in clear as well as tinted options, so you can apply it over nearly any exterior wall material whether you want to preserve its current appearance or update it with a new color. 

1. Mold Prevention

Mold and algae growth on exterior walls is ugly and a sign of developing water damage. The spores produced by the mold can also be irritating, particularly to those with respiratory issues or mold sensitivities. A waterproof coating prevents exterior walls from absorbing moisture, which in turn makes it less likely that mold growth will occur. 

2. Stain Protection

Whether stains come from dirt, fingerprints, bird dropping, or mold, an architectural coating can protect against the grime. These coatings are designed to create a strong barrier over your wall material, which means most stains can be rinsed off with a hose. Even stubborn stains will typically wipe off with only minimal scrubbing and effort. 

3. Material Stability

Some exterior wall materials, like wood, are prone to rot if they are exposed to constant moisture. A coating creates a moisture barrier that prevents rot from even occurring. Even materials that don't rot, like brick, can benefit from this, as the barrier will prevent porous mortar from absorbing too much moisture and beginning to grumble. The coating effectively preserves the stability of the wall material so it can last many more years than it would if it was fully exposed to the elements. 

4. Cleaning Ease

If you are tired of dingy exterior walls that require scrubbing with caustic chemicals or periodic scheduling of professional pressure washing services, then it's time to apply an architectural coating. These durable coatings ensure that grime simply sits on the surface of the wall, ready to be rinsed off with a quick spray of a garden hose or with a light scrub from a damp rag. 

5. Material Preservation

Some exterior wall materials have a beauty that comes from age, such as old brick and stonework that had been integrated into your home's exterior. You likely want to protect these materials from weathering and further aging, but you don't want to detract from their current appearance and patina. A clear architectural coating is invisible to the eye but it will preserve the materials against moisture and weathering. 

Contact an architectural coating service to learn more about the benefits of a waterproof coating on your exterior walls.