Advice When Ordering A Custom Solenoid Valve From A Manufacturer

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If you have operations that require a custom solenoid valve as opposed to something standard, then you'll work with a manufacturer that puts this fluid-control system together. Here is some advice you can use to ensure this custom manufacturing route goes smoothly at every stage.

Test Out Standard Solenoid Valves First

You can gain direction for how a custom solenoid valve needs to be put together by testing out standard solenoid valves first. You can see how fluid moves through these valves and how it's stopped, making it easier to refine particular specs with your own custom solenoid valve.

You just need to rent out a couple of solenoid valves that vary so that you can see how they each perform differently. Make a note of key performance attributes that you need out of this valve, whether it's a pressure range or specific flow rate.

Make Sure Manufacturer Asks Enough Questions in the Beginning

When you find a manufacturer to get a custom solenoid valve made, you want to make sure they ask you plenty of questions. Then they'll have enough data to refine manufacturing and ultimately give you a better performing solenoid valve at the end.

These questions might pertain to the type of liquid the valve needs to support, how big the valve needs to be, or special features you want included. Their thoroughness investigating your needs in the beginning will help them make a better valve system. 

Have FEA Performed

You don't necessarily have to make prototypes when creating a custom solenoid valve. Instead, you can have FEA (finite element analysis) performed by your manufacturer. It will let them see how your plans will work in real time, such as how fluid flows throughout the valve and how the closing mechanism performs.

Then if there are problems with your designs, they can refine them before actually putting together the custom solenoid valve. That's going to save you time and money on actual prototypes. Just make sure you find a manufacturer that's familiar with FEA and has software to carry it out in a meaningful way before manufacturing officially starts.

Investing in a custom solenoid valve may be needed if you need this system to perform a certain way or around a particular environment. If you hire the right manufacturer to create this system and work with them correctly at every stage, the custom solenoid valve will work perfectly for a long time.